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For over a decade, SBF has been setting the standard in the payroll industry
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Why SBF?

As a business owner I know you are busy and may not realize the sheer number of rules and regulations you may have to worry about such as tax filing requirements, electronic tax payments and new hire reporting regulations.

Allow Debi Klingner, your own local payroll professional at East County SBF Payroll to handle these tasks for you! Payroll is her expertise, therefore, she is always on top of changes in tax laws, filing requirements, reporting, deadlines and all details revolving around the payroll process.


 Less Overhead. Let us be your in-house payroll support. Answers are always a phone call away!


Accuracy.Without perfect accuracy, the taxing agencies can impose costly fines on you and your business. At SBF we insure your taxes are paid accurately and timely, and keep you on top of your current responsibilities.

Convenience. Simply provide us with your payroll information each pay period via phone, fax, e-mail or even text, and we take care of the rest, it's that simple.
Easy Transition. Switching to SBF for your payroll processing is simple. We will send you a short list of items we need to set up your company. Simply fill out our easy to sign online documents and you could be set up in as little as 24 hours!
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About Your Payroll Professional

Debi Roth Klingner, owner of SBF San Diego Inland, is a licensed CPA and has been for 20+ years. She has been in the real estate development business for the majority of her career and was looking to make a change that would provide a service to San Diego that would both utilize her many years of accounting expertise as well as fill a niche providing a service that needed a personalized touch. Debi decided to align herself with SBF Payroll Service as they are a leader in the payroll industry and have been for more than a decade. They are a California based company being located in Santa Barbara, and currently process payroll for thousands of companies all over the United States.


"SBF Payroll is the Aspirin to your payroll headaches!"


SBF Payroll services

Simplifing payroll, that's just how we do it

Submit it all, Online!

With SBF, you can submit all business documents and files online, without the hassle of managing everything on paper. With various advanced services, you can quickly and easily report employee hours, sick leave, and start up package.

File Upload 
Personalized Support  

Personalized Support

At SBF San Diego Inland, Debi Klingner is your payroll professional that you can count on. When you pick up the phone, you want to hear a familiar voice on the other end, and at SBF you get that!


Included Services

Quarterly filings

Year end filings

W-2 Processing

Customized payroll reports

Processing of new hires, employee changes and terminations

Customer care

Included Services 

Keep your business local!


Business Resources

Online documents, file access and more!
Online Documents 

Fill, Print, Send.

At SBF we offer an organized selection of business documents to be easily accessed when you need. These free documents can be essential to your business, and can be difficult to find on your own, so we put them all in one easy place.


Online File access

Here with Debi Klingner as your payroll manager, you are offered the ability to access all of your payroll reports via the cloud. Our cloud storage is extremely easy to access and gives you and your employess the ability to access important documents anytime, anywhere. Our system meets all government standards for encryption and security, meaning your files are safe and secure.

Online File Access 

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